$50/Hour Doing What?

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In a stunning development, working as a housekeeper in Palm Beach, Florida, now brings salaries of $50 per hour, or up to $250,000 per year due to a worker shortage in wealthy homes and luxury hotels, according to a new report.

The influx of affluent families relocating from high-tax areas like New York to this sought-after Florida area has elevated demand, prompting many to seek domestic assistance in their grand residences.

This trend has catalyzed a booming market for various household staff roles, including those traditionally viewed as humble, such as housekeepers, now seen as lucrative opportunities, The Daily Mail reports.

Roles within the domestic service industry, such as butlers—now often termed ‘hospitality managers’ or ‘estate managers’—along with private chefs, nannies, drivers, and security personnel, are in high demand.

The typical earnings for housekeepers have dramatically risen, from $25 per hour in 2020 to nearly $50 per hour currently, as reported by CNBC.

Experienced housekeepers are now earning over $150,000 annually, with additional benefits like 401(k) plans, healthcare insurance, and overtime pay.

April Berube, the founder of the Wellington Agency with over 30 years in the placement of household staff, remarked on the current high demand for domestic workers in locales such as Miami, Palm Beach, New York, and the Hamptons.

“The highest demand right now we’re seeing is in Miami, Palm Beach, and it’s still in New York and the Hamptons,” Berube noted.

She emphasized the trend of her clients possessing multiple residences and experiencing a significant migration from places like Los Angeles.

When families relocate, they often bring a lead executive housekeeper and hire additional local staff in their new location, a practice prevalent in seasonal areas like the Hamptons. Berube stressed the importance of experience and discretion in this sector.

“We require a minimum of five years experience working in the field that you’re applying for. So whether you’re a nanny or housekeeper, you have to have a history and background of working in the industry. It takes a certain person to work for high net worth, high profile families.

Furthermore, confidentiality is a crucial requirement.

“They have to sign non disclosure agreements. We have to make sure that when we’re calling their references, we call all of the families that they’ve worked with before. We’re asking how discreet are these people – are they gossipy? Because our reputation is at stake. We can’t put in people who have not worked at this level and are not trustworthy,” Berube declared.

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