American Diplomat Found Dead

( – In a mystery death case, an unidentified American diplomat from the US Embassy in Israel’s capital Jerusalem has been found dead, which has raised serious suspicions despite official assurances there had been no foul play.

The US Embassy to the Jewish State confirmed on Monday the passing of the employee, whose identity has not been revealed, The Daily Mail reports.

The report points out that the US Embassy to Israel has been based in Jerusalem since 2018 when, in a ground-breaking policy shift, President Donald Trump relocated it there from Tel Aviv.

Before that, the embassy had been stationed in Tel Aviv for nearly 50 years.

The decision, which a departure from longstanding US policy, was based on Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem – a city also claimed by Palestinian Arabs – as Israel’s official capital.

This decision was celebrated by conservative Americans and Israelis. It was particularly welcomed by evangelical Christians, who also backed his selection of Mike Pence as Vice President.

However, it sparked outrage among leftists as well as Palestinians and other Arab nationalities.

Moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was one of the key promises from Trump’s presidential campaign platform in 2016.

By moving the embassy, Trump also fulfilled the provisions of the The Jerusalem Embassy Act, which was adopted by the US Congress in 1995.

However, US presidents from both the Republican and Democratic parties had kept putting off every six months the execution of the decision to relocate the US Embassy.

A spokesperson for the US Embassy in Jerusalem stated that the individual who died was not the US Ambassador to Israel but was an American citizen.

“We can confirm the death of an American employee of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. We have no further details to share,” the embassy said Monday in a brief statement.

It added that there were no suspicions of foul play in the incident. Nonetheless, the diplomat’s death remains under investigation.

According to Dimi Reider, a journalist for The Lead, the body of the deceased diplomat was found in their apartment.

Later on Monday, US State Department spokesman Ned Price declared that further details about the US official’s death would be announced only after the latter’s family had been notified.

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