Americans Forcibly Stranded on African Island

( – In an appalling new case of Americans getting stranded in terrible conditions abroad on the watch of President Joe Biden’s administration, six US citizens have been abandoned on an African island after a cruise ship refused to allow them on board.

A total of eight passengers of a Norwegian Cruise ship, among them a pregnant woman and an elderly man with a heart condition, have found themselves marooned on an African island, devoid of financial resources and critical medications.

Jill and Jay Campbell, residents of South Carolina, report their predicament on São Tomé, a Central African island, alongside four other Americans and two Australians.

This situation arose after the ship’s captain allegedly denied them re-entry, as reported by WMBF, cited by The New York Post.

A representative for the cruise line, however, contended that these passengers were not aboard due to their own choices or because they were on a private tour, missing the designated time to return to the ship.

“Guests are responsible for ensuring they return to the ship at the published time, which is communicated broadly over the ship’s intercom, in the daily communication and posted just before exiting the vessel,” said the spokesperson.

The Campbells have conceded to an issue with their island tour, which failed to return them to the ship promptly on Friday.

“We were like, our time is getting really short, and they were like ‘No problem, we can get you back within an hour,” Jay recounted their interaction with the tour guide.

It was then that the tour operator attempted to inform the cruise ship captain of their impending delay.

Upon their arrival at the port, Campbell noted that the ship remained anchored. The island’s Coast Guard transported them to the ship with the intention of reboarding. However, the captain reportedly denied them entry.

“The captain could have made an easy decision to turn one of the tender boats back, pick us up, safely load us and then go on the way. They had no port to call for the next day, they were simply going to be at sea,” Campbell stated.

Stranded without their personal effects, including money, medication, and essential travel documents, the group faced a dire situation.

Among them was a couple from Delaware, a paraplegic, and an elderly man suffering from a heart condition.

The Campbells, who fortunately had a Visa card, were forced to incur over $5,000 in expenses on food, toiletries, and lodging for the group, as they relayed to WRAL.

In a subsequent statement issued on Saturday, a Norwegian Cruise Lines spokesperson reiterated that “guests are responsible for any necessary travel costs to rejoin the ship at the next available port of call.”

The stranded travelers planned to catch a flight to Gambia in West Africa to reconnect with the cruise ship on Sunday.

Their journey to the port on Easter Sunday involved a grueling 15-hour travel through six countries, only to discover upon arrival that the ship could not dock due to low tides, according to WPDE.

The passengers are now en route to a port in Senegal, anticipating the cruise ship’s arrival on Tuesday.

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