Bannon: ‘War to the Knife’ (Video)

( – Standing firm against the unashamed Democratic-led political attacks, former Trump advisor Steve Bannon said the current situation “is a war to the knife” and that he is “not afraid” of serving time in prison.

Watch the video below.

Bannon faces a four-month sentence, set to begin by July 1, following a court order by Judge Carl J. Nichols.

This decision came after prosecutors pushed for the enforcement of the sentence originally handed down in October 2022.

During a recent discussion with Tucker Carlson, Bannon explained his viewpoint on the broader struggles he perceives within the U.S.

“From the Justice Department to the FBI, to the Wall Street crowd, you can see this everywhere in our society, the attacks on the family,” Bannon commented.

He added, “And they play for keeps. And I’m so glad that the Alex Joneses and the Tucker Carlsons, and particularly since you had the opportunity to leave Fox, uh, ourselves, and so many others now understand that this is a war to the knife, right?”

Bannon further emphasized the stakes of this confrontation and suggested dire consequences if their side does not prevail.

“We have to win this,” he insisted. “If we don’t win this, our country’s going to devolve into some kind of neo-Marxist totalitarian regime of which is pretty far down the road right now.”

“That’s why I don’t fear going to prison, right? I know it’s gonna take my voice off. The war is still gonna on and I keep saying it’s next man up,” he further said.

Highlighting the need for collective action, Bannon called for personal responsibility among supporters.

“You can’t lean on Trump, you can’t lean on Tucker, you can’t lean on Bannon, you can’t lean on Alex Jones. This is a populist revolt. You have to step up and do it yourself,” he said.

Previously, Bannon was held in contempt by the then-Democratic-run House of Representatives, with a vote of 229-202 in October 2021 after he refused to comply with a subpoena from the January 6 Select Committee. A federal jury later convicted him of two charges of contempt in July 2022.

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