Bernie Sanders Slams Biden

( – In a clear sign that the radical left, with its devotion to Palestinian Islamist terrorism, has turned against Joe Biden, an organization established by progressivist US Senator Bernie Sanders is calling upon its supporters to vote against the president in Michigan’s Democrat primary.

The group in question – “Our Revolution” – was founded by Vermont’s independent Senator Bernie Sanders in 2016.

It is now mobilizing Michigan residents to mark their ballots as “uncommitted” in the Democratic primary.

This move is a protest against President Joe Biden’s approach to the conflict in Gaza, The New York Times reported, as cited by The Daily Caller.

The Gaza Strip is run by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which is now tackled by the Israeli military for committing the October 7 massacre in the Jewish State.

The rationale behind the initiative of Bernie Sanders’ group “Our Revolution” is Biden’s backing of Israel in its conflict with Hamas, which has caused dissatisfaction among Democratic voters in Michigan, the report notes.

This state is crucial for elections and houses significant Muslim and Arab American communities.

Our Revolution is set to distribute an email to 87,000 individuals in Michigan.

This communication will encourage them to select “uncommitted” in the upcoming February 27 primary as a strategy to force Biden to reconsider his stance on Gaza, as per the information from the NYT.

“I am working with some people who feel like they will never vote for Joe Biden, but there are many, many, many I feel will vote for Joe Biden on November 5 if he changes course,” Andy Levin, a former US Democrat representative from Michigan, told the NYT.

He believes that this action represents the most effective method to help Biden, and worries that, without a shift in Biden’s position on this issue, Biden might lose Michigan to former President Donald Trump.

Presently, Trump is ahead of Biden by five points in Michigan, according to the RCP polling average.

Furthermore, Our Revolution plans to reach an additional 225,000 individuals across various states by phone and text banking, along with hosting events on Michigan college campuses.

Larry Cohen, the chairman of Our Revolution, stated his hopes that the effort would attract support from at least 10% of Democrat primary voters in Michigan – or about 20,000 votes.

Biden’s victory in Michigan during the 2020 election was by a margin of 154,000 votes.

Michigan has around 200,000 registered Muslim voters, of whom 145,000 participated in the last presidential election.