Best DC Video You’ll Ever See

( – In the hallowed halls of Congress, often dominated by intense debates and memorable television moments, an unexpected figure has recently captured the public’s attention, delighting the nation with what is probably the best video out of Washington, DC, that America will ever see.

See the hilarious video in the tweet below!

Representative John Rose’s 6-year-old son has emerged as a delightful viral sensation, charming those deeply immersed in political affairs and avid C-SPAN watchers alike.

The young kindergarten graduate of the Tennessee Republican stole the spotlight with his uninhibited expressions while his father addressed the legislative body, The Hill reports.

During a session on Monday, as Representative Rose vociferously criticized the conviction of former President Trump in the recent New York hush money trial, his son, Guy, was seen making playful faces at the cameras.

While his father decried what he termed a “politically driven prosecution,” young Guy was observed flashing a wide grin directly at the viewing audience.

At another juncture, while Representative Rose highlighted the importance of resolving political disputes through democratic processes, stating, “Regardless of one’s opinion of the current Republican nominee, we’d be well served to remember the long and cherished tradition we have in this country of settling our political differences at the ballot box,” his son animatedly rolled his eyes and protruded his tongue, adding a humorous contrast to the solemn discourse.

Furthermore, throughout his father’s speech, Guy seemed perfectly poised for the spotlight, engaging in playful antics and forming amusing gestures with his hands.

Reflecting on this moment, Representative Rose humorously remarked on the social platform X, “This is what I get for telling my son Guy to smile at the camera for his little brother.”

It has been reported that Guy’s presence at the Capitol coincides with the conclusion of his kindergarten year.

For those who have found joy in his antics, there is more to come. The young charmer will be accompanying his father throughout the week, as Representative Rose provides his spouse, Chelsea, with some respite from child care duties.

Chelsea, who is currently back in Tennessee, manages a full-time job while caring for the couple’s 3-year-old son, Sam.

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