Biden Building Secret Military Bases?

( – Clamoring conspiracy theories as a means to remain in power with local elections looming, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro leveled serious accusations against the United States.

Maduro stated, “We have information proving that in the territory of Guyana Essequibo, temporarily administered by Guyana, secret military bases of the (US) Southern Command… a body of the CIA, have been installed.”

The Essequibo region of Guyana is a territory entangled in a long-lasting dispute with Venezuela over sovereignty claims.

He described these bases as a direct “aggression” toward the Venezuelan population in the south and east and suggested they were established due to an expected heightened conflict with Venezuela.

These statements were made during a parliamentary event to celebrate a recent legislative act aimed at appropriating Guyana Essequibo.

This comes in the wake of a controversial advisory referendum that proposes establishing a Venezuelan province within the disputed area, igniting concerns over potential military escalation.

Maduro also contended that Guyana’s leadership is essentially manipulated by external forces including the Southern Command, the CIA and ExxonMobil, hinting that the country lacked sovereign governance.

The Southern Command, part of the U.S. Department of Defense, engages with the Guyanese military through its Security Cooperation Office in Guyana, providing consultation, coordinating security activities and offering military aid and training.

The issue surrounding Essequibo, which accounts for approximately two-thirds of Guyanese territory and under Guyanese administration for over a century, has worsened after ExxonMobil discovered significant oil reserves in 2015.

The aftermath of the December referendum saw heightened military activities, including joint U.S.-Guyana exercises, amid commitments from both Guyana and Venezuela to seek peaceful resolutions through the International Court of Justice rather than resorting to military force.

Maduro’s latest statements further complicate the already tense dynamics in the region, raising the threat of broader regional or international conflict over the contested territory rich in oil resources.

In response to Venezuelan legislative support for claims over Essequibo, Guyana’s Foreign Ministry criticized the move as a breach of its sovereignty and territorial rights, calling for global support against Venezuela’s claims.

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