Biden-Harris Bombshell

( – With a report that has stunned the GOP and millions of Americans, the Biden/Harris campaign has just declared a substantial financial accumulation, boasting $117 million on hand in its campaign war chest.

As claimed by campaign aides, this amount is purportedly the largest for any Democratic candidate at this juncture in a presidential race.

The campaign’s fourth quarter of 2023 saw a collective effort with joint fundraising committees and the Democratic National Committee, raising over $97 million.

For context, the campaign’s financial journey showed a steady increase: over $71 million was raised in the third quarter of 2023, with nearly $91 million in reserves and more than $72 million in the second quarter, resulting in $77 million on hand.

In a notable display of campaign strategy, the Biden-Harris team has placed significant emphasis on grassroots fundraising efforts, especially in the fourth quarter.

Julie Chávez Rodríguez, the campaign manager, lauded this as a historic feat, attributing it to what she describes as “strong and growing grassroots enthusiasm.” She further stated that this fundraising success underscores the coalition’s determination and readiness for the November election.

Chávez also pointed out the early and continuous support that the campaign has been receiving, which she believes is critical to expanding its operational reach across the nation and targeting pivotal communities for the election.

This financial update comes just ahead of the Iowa caucuses and two weeks before the candidates’ filing deadline.

In contrast to the Biden-Harris campaign’s financial disclosure, most Republican presidential candidates, including Nikki Haley, have yet to release their fourth-quarter fundraising numbers. Haley, however, has announced raising $24 million, with $14.5 million available.

TJ Ducklo, a senior communications adviser for Biden-Harris, confidently spoke of outpacing their Republican rivals in fundraising, a sentiment reflective of the campaign’s optimism about its financial standing.

In a detailed breakdown, the Biden-Harris campaign noted that 97 percent of their fourth-quarter donations were less than $200, averaging $41.88.

Since the launch of their campaign, almost 1 million supporters have contributed, leading to more than 2.3 million contributions.

Notably, the campaign mentioned that one-third of its donors are new since the 2020 campaign, indicating an expansion in its supporter base.