Biden In Hiding Tomorrow

( – In what has been hilariously described by one conservative outlet as a new episode of the “Hidin’ Biden” series, President Joe Biden has decided to skip giving a pre-Super Bowl interview for the second year in a row, raising severe doubts as he clearly seeks to evade questions or public gaffes.

CBS invited the president for a 15-minute interview, planning to broadcast three to four minutes during their pregame show, as reported by Variety.

However the Biden White House has rejected it, National Review informs in a report entitled, “The Latest Installment of Hidin’ Biden.”

Although Biden conducted interviews in 2021 and 2022 with NBC and CBS, he avoided the interview last year when Fox News hosted the game.

“We hope viewers enjoy watching what they tuned in for — the game,” commented White House spokesman Ben LaBolt regarding the decision.

The report observes that Biden has consistently demonstrated a disinterest in media interviews that would require him to address recent events, such as US military actions in the Middle East.

The president has held fewer press conferences and engaged in fewer informal interactions with the press compared with his predecessors.

Thus Biden has averaged 11 press conferences and 131 reporter exchanges annually.

This is in contrast to former President Trump, who held an average of 22 press conferences per year and 178 exchanges.

National Review comments that Biden’s avoidance of the media spotlight extends to his lack of public commentary on significant international conflicts and US military responses.

It also points out the president’s seeming preference for the far-left network MSNBC.

An Axios report highlighted President Biden’s preference for MSNBC, especially the network’s “Morning Joe” program which influences both his perspective and the work of the White House.

Biden often interacts with co-host Joe Scarborough and has involved show regulars in confidential discussions with policy experts.

It is also emphasized that Biden’s public appearances have often resulted in negative social media attention, such as an incident where he was criticized for wearing a construction hard hat incorrectly during a visit with Wisconsin union workers.