BOMBSHELL: Biden ‘Needs To Consider Stepping Aside’

Joe Biden

( – In a new sign that Joe Biden is in trouble with respect to his reelection hopes, Democrat strategist James Carville has expressed concerns about the stability within the Democratic Party, stressing that the president “needs to consider stepping aside.”

Carville noted that despite conventional expectations, the unpredictable nature of politics could lead to unexpected developments.

In a recent survey by the New York Times/Siena College, former President Donald Trump was shown to have a lead over Biden in five crucial swing states—Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

This revelation comes amidst speculation about Biden’s effectiveness and viability as a candidate, The Daily Caller points out in a report.

On the “Politics War Room” podcast, Carville addressed the possibility that Biden might not secure the Democratic nomination. He responded to a query about whether Biden should consider withdrawing if his performance in the forthcoming debate against Trump is subpar and as his polling numbers in swing states continue to falter.

“I got to tell you, there’s, I don’t say panic, but there is real, real unease in the party,” Carville articulated.

“And you know, sometimes you go years with nothing happening, and then you go weeks with everything happening. It’s politics. Anything can happen. Don’t discount it,” he added.

At the same time, he concurred with co-host Al Hunt that Biden is likely to remain the candidate.

President Biden has proposed holding two presidential debates with Trump, advocating for stringent conditions such as the absence of a live audience and the muting of microphones when not in use by the speaker.

Trump has agreed to these terms, with the first debate scheduled for June.

Pollster Nate Silver has suggested that Biden should consider withdrawing from the presidential race if his likelihood of victory does not improve by August, the month of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

“If Biden is still struggling in August he needs to consider stepping aside,” Silver posted on X, emphasizing the importance of assessing all options given the significance of the election.

“It’s not a great situation for Ds either way, but you have to do due diligence on the question. It’s an important election, obviously. It shouldn’t be taboo to talk about,” the pollster added.

Silver also remarked negatively on Biden’s desire to limit the debates to two, interpreting it as a sign of weakness.

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