BOMBSHELL: Even Her Staff Don’t Know!?

( – Following a huge fallout due to a botched media stunt, it seems that the details of Kate Middleton’s health and recovery process remain largely unknown even among her close professional circle.

The 42-year-old Princess of Wales has been recovering privately from abdominal surgery since January. However even her staff have reported a surprising lack of information about her current situation.

Sources speaking to Us Weekly highlighted the surprise and confusion among Kate’s team, noting that many of her senior staff members were unaware of her surgery until it was publicly disclosed.

This lack of communication has created speculation and concern over the royal household’s decision to keep a tight-lipped approach regarding the specifics of her health.

Recent theories were further fueled after an altered family photograph surfaced, prompting discussions not only about Kate’s health but also her exact whereabouts. Insiders suggest that only a select few know detailed information about her condition, and even they are not willing to discuss specifics.

Amid this atmosphere of secrecy it is reported that the Princess has received limited visitors, including King Charles III and Queen Camilla, who are said to have spent time with her during her recovery.

The decision to keep the details of Kate’s surgery private was reportedly made by the Princess herself as both she and Prince William firmly believe that her medical history is not a matter for public discourse.

This stance has obviously led to a discretion policy regarding any updates on her post-surgery recovery, with a palace source describing the current situation as “very hush-hush.”

Meanwhile Prince William has continued to fulfill his royal duties, recently partaking in several public engagements without addressing the ongoing rumors about his wife’s health. Sources close to the couple describe this period as challenging but affirm their resilience in facing the situation.

In light of these developments there is growing scrutiny over the reliability of information released by Kensington Palace, with some news organizations doubting the palace remains a trusted source.

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