Cheney to Speaker Johnson: Do It!

( – Thinking she still holds a congressional leadership position within the Republican party, former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney has openly challenged House Speaker Mike Johnson to pass a significant aid package for Ukraine.

Known for her criticism of former President Donald Trump, Cheney insists that providing unlimited funds to Ukraine is a necessary move even if it costs Johnson his position as Speaker.

Although Johnson has previously stated that a Ukraine aid bill without addressing the U.S. southern border is off the table, Cheney claimed that the survival of freedom and America’s role as a global leader are at stake during a conversation on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

She stated:

“Right, and what I would say to that is, you know, he ought to understand that it is worth it if he has to lose his Speakership in order to make sure that freedom survives, in order to make sure that the United States of America continues to play its leadership role in the world,”

The Senate recently passed a bill that includes $60 billion in aid for Ukraine alongside additional funding for security assistance to Israel and humanitarian aid for various regions, including Gaza and the West Bank, and efforts to deter Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific.

Despite this Johnson had previously dismissed the idea of bringing such a bill to the House floor due to potential backlash from conservative Republicans, including threats of a motion to vacate his speakership.

Cheney framed her demand to Johnson as a choice between aiding the cause of freedom or staying on what she describes as a path of cowardice influenced by Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

She also suggested that Johnson will have to account to future generations for his actions, saying, “And again, he’s gonna have to explain to future generations, to his kids, to his grandkids, whether or not he did what was right, whether or not he was a force for good.”