Chinese Spying Where?

( – Brand-new alarming evidence has emerged that America is under a constant espionage attack from Communist China, with the Chinese commies impudently spying on the nation every which way, including, as it has just turned out, through cargo cranes deployed at US maritime ports.

An in-depth investigation led by several House committees has discovered that cargo cranes made by a Chinese company and utilized in US ports were outfitted with unexpected communications hardware.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark E. Green (R-TN), Chairman of the Transportation and Maritime Security Subcommittee Carlos Gimenez (R-FL), and Chairman of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party Mike Gallagher (R-WI) have expressed grave concerns.

They revealed that each American seaport that operates cranes manufactured by Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries might be, or has been, vulnerable to espionage by the Chinese Communist Party.

On February 29, these chairmen addressed Shanghai Zhenhua in a letter, demanding explanations for several alarming discoveries made by their joint investigation.

“In briefings with the committees, US federal law enforcement agencies have confirmed PRC [People’s Republic of China] state-owned enterprises are aggressively attempting to generate undue economic influence and establish a strategic presence at certain maritime ports around the country,” the chairmen stated.

“The United States is alarmed by mounting evidence that the PRC is solidifying its presence and exerting influence over an industry critically important to the US economy,” they added, as cited by AP and Newsmax.

The correspondence outlined particular concerns, including the finding of cellular modems within components of ship-to-shore cranes at an American seaport and the discovery of a cellular modem in the server room of another port, which manages the cranes’ firewall and networking infrastructure.

In another investigation related to cybersecurity, it was discovered that some of these modems maintained active connections with the operational systems of the cranes.

Officials from the Biden administration have become increasingly concerned about the espionage threat posed by cranes produced by Shanghai Zhenhua.

This company is responsible for supplying nearly 80% of the ship-to-shore cranes currently in operation at American ports, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The Journal had previously disclosed that in 2021, the FBI detected surveillance equipment aboard a vessel transporting cranes to the port of Baltimore.

In response to these escalating security concerns, last month the administration unveiled a strategic plan to allocate over $20 billion in the coming five years for the purpose of replacing foreign-manufactured cranes with those made in the USA.

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