Colorado Official Blames Trump

( – In a striking statement on CNN’s “News Central,” Colorado’s Secretary of State held former President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers accountable for some of the ongoing troubles ahead of the election this year

Responding to anchor John Berman’s question regarding the root cause of these problems, which are the growing threats of violence against election officials, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold put the blame squarely on Trump and various high-ranking Republicans who have failed to denounce violence-inciting rhetoric.

Griswold’s comments were direct and pointed.

She stated, “I would say Donald Trump and Republicans in Congress and high-ranking Republicans across the nation who have not stood up to condemn the rhetoric of violence. You know, all the lies, all the disinformation are used as justification to suppress the vote across the nation.”

She went on to explain that the spread of misinformation and deliberate falsehoods has been used as a pretext for voter suppression tactics and has incited a significant rise in political threats towards election workers.

The Colorado Secretary of State also highlighted the real-world consequences of such a toxic political climate.

She noted, “A lot of election workers have said they will step down or have stepped down, including Colorado seeing a turnover rate of one-third of our elected county clerks, the people who run the elections at the county level since 2020.”

This substantial turnover rate among election officials underscores the tangible impact of the hostile environment fueled, as Griswold asserts, by Trump’s dangerous rhetoric.

Furthermore, Griswold criticized Trump for his specific actions that have exacerbated the situation, citing an instance where he posted the biography of Maine’s secretary of state on social media.

This act, according to Griswold, was not a mistake but a calculated move that led to intensified intimidation and threats against her.