Congressman Quits; Won’t Finish Term (Video)

( – In a surprise development leaving the House GOP in a bind as it is slashing further the already small Republican majority, US Rep. Ken Buck, who last year announced he wouldn’t seek reelection, has now decided to quit Congress right away.

See the video of Buck’s resignation announcement in a TV interview below!

Buck, a Republican from Colorado, announced his resignation from the House of Representatives effective March 22, Newsmax reports.

The 65-year-old politician has served Colorado’s predominantly Republican fourth congressional district since 2015 and was a key member of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees.

He told CNN in an interview that the current dysfunction in Capitol Hill was a significant factor in his decision to leave early.

“It is the worst year of the nine years and three months that I’ve been in Congress and having talked to former members, it’s the worst year in 40, 50 years to be in Congress. This place has just devolved into this bickering and nonsense and not really doing the job for the American people,” Buck remarked.

“But I’m leaving because I think there’s a job to do out there,” he added.

Buck’s departure will result in a tighter margin for the House Republican majority, leaving the GOP with a 218-213 advantage over the Democrats.

This slim majority means they can afford to lose only two votes to pass legislation without bipartisan support, assuming full attendance and participation.

Buck also addressed speculation about the influence of former President Donald Trump’s potential nomination for the November election on his decision to resign.

He claimed that Trump’s political status was irrelevant to his decision.

“Whether he was the nominee or not, I think our system is broken in how we choose candidates and I want to get involved in that process. Everywhere I go in Colorado, I hear that people are not happy with Trump and they’re not happy with Biden,” Buck stated.

“I am going to find the right organization to join and I’m going to start working on that issue. We have to have better candidates up and down the ballot,” he vowed.

In his statement at the end of last year, Buck criticized the Republican Party for straying from truth and accountability.

He also condemned what he said were false narratives surrounding the 2020 election and the January 6, 2021, events warning of the dangers such falsehoods pose to public trust and the rule of law.

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