Conscription Age Lowered

( – In new testimony to the severity of its struggle for freedom against Putin’s Russia, US ally Ukraine has decided to reduce its military conscription age from 27 to 25 in order to raise more troops more than two years after it was invaded.

The implementation of the new mobilization law was effective immediately following its endorsement by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who signed it into law a day prior.

This legislative action received approval from Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, last year.

The delay in Zelenskyy’s approval of the legislation was not clarified, with no public statements made by him regarding this issue.

Additionally, there was a lack of specific details from officials on the anticipated number of new recruits this change is expected to bring or their designated military units.

The topic of conscription has been particularly contentious in Ukraine for several months, exacerbated by a critical shortage of infantry and a significant ammunition deficit, which has shifted the strategic advantage to Russia, AP reports, cited by Newsmax.

Despite these challenges, Russia’s own logistical and manpower issues have hindered its ability to fully capitalize on its military superiority.

However, the Russian military disclosed on Wednesday a notable increase in enlistments, which it attributes to public indignation following a terror attack on a Moscow concert hall last month, resulting in over 140 fatalities.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that approximately 16,000 individuals have enlisted in the past 10 days, though this statement has not been independently verified.

The responsibility for the concert hall attack was claimed by an affiliate of the Islamic State group. The Kremlin, without substantiating its claims, has accused Ukraine and Western countries of involvement in the attack, a charge both have vehemently denied.

The legislation, signed by Zelenskyy to reduce the draft age, referred to as 9281, is separate from a more contentious draft mobilization law, numbered 10449, which is still under parliamentary review. This bill proposes not only a reduction in the draft age but also defines the criteria for exemptions among other provisions, facing significant resistance and over 1,000 amendments from lawmakers.

Additionally, Zelenskyy enacted two other laws related to mobilization, including one establishing an online registry for draftees.

Oksana Zabolotna, an analyst with the Center for United Actions, a government oversight body in Kyiv.

“These laws introduce changes only to some aspects of the mobilization process. But still there are many other issues that have to be resolved.” She expressed skepticism that lowering the draft age would meet the military’s recruitment target of 500,000 new soldiers.

In February, Ukraine disclosed 31,000 of its troops have been killed in the war so far. At the same time, it presently estimates the Russian casualties at 445,000.

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