Constitutional Conservative Enters Senate Race

( – Faced with the urgent need to retake Congress’ upper chamber and set America on the right path once again, former Michigan Representative Justin Amash declared his intention to pursue a U.S. Senate seat in Michigan as a Republican despite exiting the party in 2019.

Upon establishing a Senate exploratory committee, Amash acknowledged the significant challenge of a political campaign. Moreover, Amash emphasized the sincere commitment required not only from the candidate but also from family, friends, volunteers and donors.

As the former Republican representative is aware of the demanding nature of campaigns, he underscored the necessity for a clear path to victory and a high chance of success.

After a thorough evaluation, Amash asserted his belief that no candidate could surpass his positioning to secure both the Republican primary and the general election.

In January Amash responded to calls from several people who urged him to participate in the Republican primary and stated that the Senate needs a “principled, consistent constitutional conservative.”

A critic of the two-party system, Amash deemed it an “existential threat to American principles” and marked his departure from the Republican Party in 2019 to urge Americans to unite against the dominance of the two-party structure.

Reflecting on the years since leaving Congress, Amash contemplated the experiences that shaped his life and the principles of liberty that inspired him.

He emphasized that being born to immigrant parents who arrived in the U.S. as teenagers made him feel grateful for their instilled love for America and its foundational values.

Amash added to his statement, “We live in the greatest country on earth, but the ideals that have made it great are increasingly taken for granted. People often feel helpless and hopeless, unheard and ignored by Washington, and trapped between opposing forces who reject America’s principles or don’t understand them.”

Amash criticized Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s favored candidate, Mike Rogers, and accused him of prioritizing state power over individual liberty. Amash asserted that the establishment would spare no effort to secure Rogers’ election.