Delta Flight Interrupted by WHAT?!

( – In a disturbing moment only seen in movies, a Delta flight from Amsterdam to Detroit encountered a distressing issue when maggots began falling from an overhead compartment onto passengers in the economy section.

The unusual incident occurred an hour after takeoff when a passenger’s suitcase that contained decaying fish accidentally opened in the cabin.

Upon return to the airport all passengers were instructed to disembark. The suitcase responsible for the event was isolated and marked for disposal, while the aircraft underwent a thorough cleaning process.

A passenger named Kelce shared their dismay on X (former Twitter) and highlighted the unsettling discovery of rotten fish and maggots accompanying them. Kelce later disclosed that Delta personnel had identified and detained the suitcase’s owner on the aircraft after other passengers had exited.

To address the inconvenience Delta compensated affected travelers with 8,000 air miles, hotel accommodations and a $30 meal voucher for those facing overnight delays, as per Kelce’s account.

The incident also sparked discussions on Reddit after other passengers recounted their experiences. One Reddit user described sitting near the source of the infestation and witnessing maggots on a fellow passenger’s head and seat. They noted their family was relocated to a different part of the plane for the remainder of the flight.

Another Reddit user mentioned concerns about their carry-on luggage being contaminated and observed the responsible passenger remained onboard possibly to face repercussions.

Delta responded to the maggot incident with an apology to affected customers and explained that an improperly packed carry-on bag caused the disruption. The airline reassured that the aircraft was taken out of service for comprehensive cleaning and passengers were rebooked on subsequent flights.

This event is not Delta’s only recent controversy. The airline has also faced criticism for nearly removing a woman from a flight over her attire.

Lisa Archbold recounted to Yahoo News Australia a confrontation with a crew member regarding her clothing, which was described as “offensive” and “revealing” before her flight from Salt Lake City to San Francisco and after she attended the Sundance Film Festival.