Democrats’ Nightmare

( – In terrible news for the left, the Democratic Party seems to have just received a mighty blow as the highly popular former GOP Governor of Maryland, Larry Hogan, who recently launched a surprise US Senate campaign, is predicted to flip the Democrat-held seat he’s seeking.

The Democrats’ aspirations to retain a Senate seat in Maryland, a traditionally leftist stronghold, now face a significant challenge with the entry of Hogan, a highly regarded, centrist Republican candidate, into the fray, The Daily Caller writes in a report.

Hogan, who was elected twice with a considerable margin, announced his unexpected candidacy for the Senate on February 9.

He’s targeting the seat currently held by the retiring Democrat, Senator Ben Cardin.

Following a series of discouraging poll results, several political strategists based in Maryland shared with The Caller their belief that Hogan’s bid significantly jeopardizes the Democrats’ prospects of maintaining a seat that was previously considered secure.

“Republicans view this as a gift, and the Democrats view it as a nightmare,” remarked Paul Ellington, a Republican strategist from Maryland and former executive director of the state’s GOP.

Hogan’s political journey includes victories in the gubernatorial elections of 2014 and 2018 by nearly four and approximately twelve points, respectively.

The latter victory made him the second Republican governor in Maryland’s history to win reelection.

Shortly after beginning his first term, Hogan was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, from which he has been in remission since 2016.

He concluded his gubernatorial tenure in early 2023, maintaining a solid approval rating among Marylanders, with 77% expressing satisfaction with his performance.

Notably, Hogan received higher approval ratings from Democrats (81%) than from Republicans (68%), and 76% of independent voters also approved of his governance.

Ellington highlighted Hogan’s potential for success, attributing it to his eight-year tenure as governor, during which he avoided tax increases, adopted a pragmatic approach to governance, and focused on core household issues without succumbing to partisan squabbles.

“His poll numbers reflected that, that’s not just speculation. People would have reelected him as governor for a third term if [they] could have,” Ellington stated.

A poll by Emerson College, published on February 15, showed Hogan in a tie with Democrat US Rep. David Trone and leading Democrat County Executive Angela Alsobrooks by seven points in hypothetical general election matchups.

The same poll showed Hogan’s considerable lead among independent voters over both Democrat candidates.