Dems Think Florida in Play Because of THIS?!

( – Feeling oddly emboldened despite having declining approval ratings across the board, Florida Democrats think they can turn a solid red state blue ahead of this year’s elections.

Democrats in the state are getting ready to take advantage of recent Supreme Court decisions on abortion to energize their base in an attempt to change the state’s Republican shift in the upcoming Senate race.

Their move comes after the state’s Supreme Court delivered a mixed bag on abortion access: it backed the state’s 15-week abortion restriction while also approving a ballot measure for November that would protect abortion access statewide if passed.

These developments have fueled Democratic optimism, especially for former Rep. Debbie Mucarsel Powell’s campaign against Sen. Rick Scott in a rare push for a Democratic statewide win since 2018.

Fired up by the court’s decisions, Mucarsel Powell stated she was strongly committed to both the ballot amendment and her own campaign victory. Following the rulings, her campaign released a memo saying the judicial decisions were key.

She also expected the rulings would spotlight abortion rights during the electoral season, especially in light of Scott’s stance on abortion bans.

In response, Scott asserted he was committed to IVF, said Mucarsel Powell’s abortion views were extreme and argued for “reasonable limits” on the procedure.

The Florida Supreme Court’s ruling revealed the state’s stance on abortion and put it in line with other states that enacted similar restrictions. This stance has paved the way for a stricter six-week ban, much to the dismay of abortion rights advocates.

However, the approval of a November ballot measure presents an opportunity for voters to challenge these restrictions by enshrining abortion protections into the state constitution.

Pro-life advocates remain confident that Democrats will not achieve their goals, as “it takes 60 percent of voters to rewrite the constitution, a feat not achieved in Ohio or Michigan.”

The ballot measure on abortion comes alongside another for legalizing recreational marijuana. Both measures are expected to heighten the political stakes in Florida’s 2024 race by attracting attention and resources to the state.

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