Elon Musk Under Criminal Investigation?

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In little-anticipated trouble for Elon Musk, the billionaire owner of X has just been targeted by a criminal investigation in Brazil over the alleged spread of disinformation on his social media platform.

This investigation, as ordered by Brazilian Justice Alexandre de Moraes, dives into the dissemination of false news and misinformation, setting Musk in the spotlight for potentially hindering justice, as reported by the Associated Press, cited by The Daily Wire.

“The flagrant conduct of obstruction of Brazilian justice, incitement of crime, the public threat of disobedience of court orders and future lack of cooperation from the platform are facts that disrespect the sovereignty of Brazil,” Justice de Moraes declared in his directive.

The legal action against Musk followed his criticism of de Moraes’ directives, which demanded the removal of certain posts and the suspension of accounts on X. Musk publicly condemned these orders, accusing de Moraes of compromising Brazilian democracy and violating national laws through his demands on X.

“Coming shortly, X will publish everything demanded by @Alexandre and how those requests violate Brazilian law. This judge has brazenly and repeatedly betrayed the constitution and people of Brazil. He should resign or be impeached,” Musk voiced on X.

“Shame @Alexandre, shame… These are the most draconian demands of any country on Earth!” he later added.

As a consequence of Musk’s defiance and the ongoing investigation, both Musk and his social media platform face significant financial penalties.

Musk hinted at the possibility of discontinuing X’s operations in Brazil, advising users to resort to VPNs to bypass potential bans.

“Using a VPN is very easy,” Musk recommended, sharing instructions for VPN setup on smartphones.

Amidst this controversy, certain right-wing factions in Brazil have criticized Justice de Moraes for allegedly overstepping his bounds under the pretense of combating misinformation, implicating supporters of the former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in an ongoing probe against digital entities accused of spreading lies and intimidating judiciary members.

The standoff between Musk and Brazilian authorities has prompted calls for stricter oversight of social media within the country.

Brazil’s Attorney General Jorge Messias, through a message on X, emphasized the necessity for stringent regulation of social media platforms to prevent influential figures residing outside Brazil from undermining the country’s legal framework and challenging its governance.

“It is urgent to regulate social networks. We cannot live in a society in which billionaires domiciled abroad have control of social networks and put themselves in a position to violate the rule of law, failing to comply with court orders and threatening our authorities,” Messias articulated, according to a translation by CNN.

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