Expert: ‘Plenty of Evidence’ to Convict Hunter

( – Shooting down the defense’s arguments, MSNBC legal expert Barbara McQuade recently confirmed that there exists “plenty of evidence” that could potentially convince a jury to declare Hunter Biden guilty in his current legal proceedings.

Biden’s trial started last week in Delaware, where he faces three federal firearm charges Special Counsel David Weiss levied against him in September.

These charges include allegations of providing false statements and the deliberate possession of a firearm while being addicted to crack cocaine.

During her appearance on “The Saturday Show with Jonathan Capehart,” McQuade suggested that establishing Biden’s intent may pose a challenge, so circumstantial evidence was needed in order to secure a guilty verdict.

However, she noted that the jury could probably arrive at such a conclusion due to the substantial volume of evidence presented by the prosecution.

“I think what the defense would argue is that although they don’t really contest what happened, that yes, he did buy this gun, all of the facts that happened, that he was using drugs on all the dates that have been introduced, he did not believe himself to be an addict at that time,” McQuade explained.

“Proving a defendant’s intent and knowledge and mindset is always the hardest thing for a prosecutor because you can’t read another person’s mind,” she added.

“And so it requires a little bit of circumstantial evidence for the jury to find guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. But it seems like there’s plenty of evidence there from which they could draw that inference. So probably a bit of an uphill battle for the defense,” she concluded.

Prosecutors extracted messages and content from Biden’s infamous laptop and presented them to the jury as proof of Biden’s drug addiction around the time he purchased the firearm in 2018.

Criminal defense attorney Bernarda Villalona advised Biden to enter a guilty plea to “avoid” serving any jail time since Weiss’s case against him is “strong.”

In turn, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley remarked that it was “really astonishing” to see Biden’s defensive arguments crumbling down over the course of the trial.

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