‘Extinction-Level’ Threat Warning

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – Harrowing scenes from robot apocalypse movies such as “Terminator 2” could become real, according to the conclusions from a US government report stating that artificial intelligence (AI) presents an “extinction-level” threat to humanity, thus necessitating new federal “emergency powers.”

The study funded by the US State Department with a $250,000 federal contract suggests a provisional halt on developing AI that exceeds a specified computational power threshold.

It advocates for the establishment of “emergency powers” for the executive branch of the US government, enabling swift action against perilous and rapidly evolving AI-related events, such as “swarm robotics.”

The investigation recommends stringent measures, including treating top-tier computer chips as if they were global contraband and supervising the usage of such hardware.

This study is among a growing number of voices from industry, government, and academia demanding rigorous regulatory scrutiny of AI’s transformative yet potentially disruptive capabilities.

In July, UNESCO also expressed concerns about AI and the future of technologies like brain chips, which could lead to “neurosurveillance” and infringe upon “mental privacy.”

The State Department study was conducted by Gladstone AI.

It outlines a grim possibility where AI, if developed with current methods, could inherently oppose humanity – like in scenarios depicted in the Terminator film series.

Despite the study clarifying that its suggestions do not mirror the official stance of the US Department of State or the US government, its authors have been advising the government on AI risks since 2021.

They indicate a shift in government receptiveness, particularly highlighting the role of the Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation in mitigating the spread of devastating new weaponry and emphasizing the serious concerns regarding the weaponization of AI.

The US State Department report finds that AI “could potentially be used to design and even execute catastrophic biological, chemical, or cyber attacks, or enable unprecedented weaponized applications in swarm robotics.”

At the same time, a second and more threatening scenario stipulates a “loss of control” over AI.

“[There is] reason to believe that they [weaponized AI] may be uncontrollable if they are developed using current techniques, and could behave adversarially to human beings by default,” the research concludes.

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