Famed Comedian Heckled (Video)

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In a new antisemitic leftist outburst, numerous students left Duke University’s commencement ceremony on Sunday, staging a walkout and heckling the guest speaker, comedian Jerry Seinfeld, due to his expressed support for US ally Israel amid the conflict with the Hamas terror group in Gaza.

See a video of how Seinfeld was heckled in the tweet below!

The incident was captured on video, showing the group departing their seats and brandishing a Palestinian flag as the comedian and television star approached the podium, The New York Post reports.

Despite this, the broader audience quickly overshadowed the protest with enthusiastic chants of “Jerry! Jerry!” allowing Seinfeld to proceed with his address and receive an honorary degree from Duke.

The majority appeared to support Seinfeld, but as the applause subsided, dissenting voices were heard, with cries of “Free Palestine” resonating amongst the crowd.

Seinfeld has publicly supported Israel, especially following the devastating attack on October 7 by Hamas, which butchered over 1,400 people and abducted 252 others.

In December, he visited families of the hostages and a kibbutz that had been decimated by the assault.

At Duke, Seinfeld chose not to discuss the conflict, focusing instead on advising graduates about the importance of dedication and passion in their future endeavors.

“Find something where you love the good parts and don’t mind the bad parts too much — the torture you’re comfortable with,” he said.

“This is the golden path to victory in life. Work. Exercise. Relationships. They all have a solid component of pure torture, and they are all 1,000% worth it,” the comedian concluded.

The walkout was the sole disturbance during the ceremony, with no other incidents reported.

Seinfeld has faced similar protests previously; in February, after an event in the Upper East Side, protesters denounced him as a “genocide supporter” due to his stance on Israel.

The Duke protest is part of a broader wave of demonstrations across U.S. college campuses, advocating for universities to sever ties with Israel because of the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

For instance, about 60 Rutgers University students also protested by walking out of their commencement ceremony on the same day, many donning keffiyehs instead of traditional graduation caps, and displaying a banner that featured the Palestinian flag.

University officials had not provided comments at the time of reporting.

Other universities, including Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of California, Berkeley, also witnessed similar protests, with students interrupting their ceremonies to wave Palestinian flags.

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