Famed Rock Star’s Big Announcement

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In amazing news for American rock fans wanting to see a legend on the road, Led Zeppelin’s former singer Robert Plant will tour the country with a series of concerts for the third year in a row.

This time, the rock star legend will head out for his ‘Can’t Let Go Tour,’ which will run from March to September with his usual musical partner Allison Krauss.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Krauss shared, “We’ve been doing this on and off since 2007. It’s just gotten better every time we’ve gotten together.”

Additionally those truly devoted to Led Zeppelin’s legacy will find it worth coming to his show since the 75-year-old former singer is known for performing a few of the band’s timeless greatest hits in his show.

Tickets will be available on Ticketmaster but fans can also get their spots early through secondary platforms like Vivid Seats. However caution is advised as prices on these platforms may swing above or below their original cost depending on demand.

Vivid Seats promises a 100% guarantee for buyers to ensure a secure transaction and timely ticket delivery. For those who want to see him, the Led Zeppelin legend will be performing in several venues around the country.

The tour will start off on March 23 at the White Rock Theatre in Hastings, U.K., and then will be followed by other UK locations. As for the fans in the U.S., Plant plans to inaugurate his show in the Cains Ballroom in Tulsa, OK, before wrapping up on September 1 at the Gerald Ford Amphitheatre in Vail, CO.

Plant’s performances are more than just a walk through his own musical history, as he also plays tracks from his latest album and Led Zeppelin classics while also throwing in mixes of unexpected cover songs.