Famous Actress Says Never Again!

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In a candid interview with another celebrity, Hollywood actress, Sally Field, a two-time Oscar winner, has declared that she couldn’t imagine getting married ever again, after she had two marriages that ended in divorces.

The 77-year-old acclaimed actress expressed her doubts about the prospect of remarrying as she shared her thoughts on the inaugural episode of the “Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus” podcast, as reported by People, cited by The Daily Wire.

“I was never really good at picking a partner for myself,” Field admitted as she reflected on her personality.

In response to Louis-Dreyfus inquiring if Field harbored any aspirations of remarrying, the celebrated “Mrs. Doubtfire” actress responded with laughter.

“I can’t imagine. It would certainly all depend on meeting somebody I wanted to spend more than 37 seconds with. And I can’t imagine that either! So I don’t know,” Field said.

Field’s matrimonial history includes a marriage to Steven Craig from 1968 until their separation in 1973 and eventual divorce in 1975; the couple has two sons, Peter and Eli.

Following this, Field entered a notable relationship with actor Burt Reynolds, lasting from 1976 to 1980, though the two never wed.

Their relationship, which continued intermittently until 1982, featured collaborations in various films such as “Smokey and the Bandit” and “The End.”

Field remarried in 1984 to Alan Greisman, with whom she shares a son, Sam, born in 1987; their marriage concluded in divorce in 1994.

Field also touched on the challenges she faced in her relationships, mentioning that some bore “red flag[s].”

She recounted how some of her romantic partners questioned why she did not treat them with the same affection as she did her sons, to which she retorted, “‘Uh, because you’re not my son!'”

She further explained her difficulty in finding a compatible partner.

“I’ve just never been good at picking a person, a partner, to be with who would be loving and know me and not want to change me and also be challenging to me,” the actress declared.

Moreover, Field discussed the transformative impact of motherhood on her, particularly how it shifted her focus toward self-reliance. She reminisced about her early experience of motherhood at 23.

“Certainly as time went on, I was mothering myself,” she said.

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