FBI: Coordinated Attacks Underway

(5minNewsBreak.com) – In a disturbing and dangerous series of events, nearly 200 houses of worship and schools from a specific religious group across the United States were the targets of a coordinated swatting campaign believed to be the work of foreign actors.

This malicious tactic involves making false emergency calls to draw a heavy law enforcement response to a specific location, and the victims are none other than the Jewish community in the U.S.

The FBI, according to a confidential memo obtained by ABC News, is actively investigating these false reports, which involved more than 30 of its 56 field offices.

The memo, authored by Assistant FBI Director Cathy Milhoan, highlights the use of similar language and email tactics, suggesting a coordinated effort originating from outside the U.S.

While none of these threats, mainly consisting of bomb scares, turned out to be credible, the impact on the Jewish community has been profound.

The Secure Community Network (SCN) tracked an alarming 199 threats in just two days, with the majority in California and Arizona. SCN CEO Michael Masters emphasized the gravity of these incidents, refuting any notion that they are harmless pranks. Instead, they pose real and potentially deadly risks.

Furthermore, these incidents form part of a worrying trend in the U.S., where hate crimes have surged by 60 percent since October, as reported by FBI Director Christopher Wray.

This increase includes not only attacks on Jewish communities but also on Muslim targets, underscoring a broader rise in religiously motivated violence.

The Israel-Hamas conflict has seemingly exacerbated these tensions, leading to a spike in online harassment and disruptions of synagogue services.

This situation calls for a unified response, highlighting the need for heightened security and vigilance, especially considering the global nature of these threats.

It also underscores the importance of bipartisan support in combating hate crimes and ensuring the safety of all religious communities. The federal government’s involvement in investigating these crimes is crucial, but it’s equally important for local communities and leaders to stand in solidarity against such acts of hatred and intimidation.