Giuliani Booked

( – In the aftermath of the legal proceedings against him, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani was recently booked and featured in a mugshot with a noticeable grin.

Watch the photo below.

This image was released after he was indicted on multiple felony charges related to an alleged plot to overturn the 2020 election results.

80-year-old Giuliani faces accusations of fraud, forgery and conspiracy in order to keep former President Donald Trump in office despite his electoral defeat.

According to charges, Giuliani played a significant role in disseminating false allegations of election fraud in Arizona and exerted pressure on state legislators to alter the outcome that favored Joe Biden by approximately 10,000 votes.

In response to the charges, Giuliani’s spokesperson Ted Goodman criticized the indictment, saying:

“This is yet another example of partisan actors weaponizing the criminal justice system to interfere with the 2024 presidential election through outlandish charges against President Trump and anyone willing to take on the permanent Washington political class.”

Goodman defended Giuliani’s reputation and legal expertise and said he remained confident his client would be fully exonerated.

This indictment places Giuliani among a group of 18 defendants involved in the “fake electors” scheme, which attempted to assign Arizona’s 11 electoral votes to Trump unlawfully.

Although it was difficult to serve him with the indictment, Giuliani was formally charged during his 80th birthday celebration in Palm Springs after eluding prosecutors for weeks.

His confrontational stance continued as he mocked Arizona prosecutors on various public platforms.

During his remote arraignment in Phoenix, where he represented himself, Giuliani dismissed the charges as an “embarrassment to the American legal system,” a comment that nearly prompted the judge to mute his video feed. The court has since mandated his appearance for booking and set a secured bond.

Giuliani’s mugshot, where he wore a formal suit and a blue tie decorated with white stars, quickly followed these legal proceedings.

This attire matched his appearance on “The Rudy Giuliani Show” earlier that day, which indicates a coordinated public relations approach amid his legal challenges.

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