Giuliani Responds To Latest Criminal Indictment

( – Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Donald Trump’s close ally who also faces massive leftist judicial repression, has pleaded not guilty to nine felony charges related to allegations that he tried to overturn Trump’s 2020 election loss in Arizona to Joe Biden.

Ten more individuals, including the former Chair of the Arizona Republican Party, Kelli Ward, entered pleas of not guilty to charges of conspiracy, forgery, and fraud on Tuesday, as related to the ongoing case.

Rudolph Giuliani participated in the arraignment via a remote connection, a session that took place in a Phoenix courtroom, as reported by The Associated Press, with further coverage by The New York Post and Politico.

The legal proceedings for both Giuliani and Ward are slated for October 17, which is notably close to the upcoming U.S. election, occurring just three weeks prior.

The charges against Giuliani allege that he propagated unfounded allegations of election fraud in Arizona following the 2020 presidential election. He is also accused of leading a gathering in downtown Phoenix where he asserted that election officials neglected to verify the accuracy of the election results.

Furthermore, the indictment claims he exerted pressure on officials from Maricopa County and state legislators to alter Arizona’s election outcomes and encouraged Republican electors in Arizona to cast their votes for Donald Trump in mid-December 2020.

During his appearance from a remote location, Giuliani mentioned that he currently does not have legal representation but felt confident in managing the arraignment proceedings on his own.

He acknowledged receiving a summons, although he did not possess a copy of the indictment itself. He expressed familiarity with the charges, having read about them previously.

Efforts to serve Giuliani with the indictment proved challenging for several weeks, culminating successfully last Friday evening as he departed from his 80th birthday celebration in Florida.

Following a presentation of these challenges by the prosecution on Tuesday, they proposed a cash bond of $10,000.

The judge then mandated that Giuliani secure a $10,000 appearance bond and required his presence in Arizona within the next 30 days to undergo booking procedures.

Prosecutor Nicholas Klingerman articulated concerns regarding Giuliani’s compliance with Arizona’s legal proceedings, citing his avoidance of process servers. Klingerman recounted incidents where Giuliani’s doorman refused to accept legal documents and unanswered voicemails left for Giuliani.

Moreover, Klingerman highlighted Giuliani’s public commentary about the case on a podcast, where Giuliani ridiculed the investigative efforts to locate him, suggesting a parallel incompetence in vote counting.

“This is perfect evidence that if they’re so incompetent (that) they can’t find me, they also can’t count votes correctly,” Giuliani remarked, as reported by Klingerman.

Giuliani defended his actions, stating that he wasn’t evading Arizona authorities. He cited stringent security measures at his residence due to death threats and the absence of security personnel as reasons for restricted access.

Additionally, Giuliani criticized the indictment itself as a discredit to the American legal system, declaring, “I do consider the indictment to be a complete embarrassment to the American legal system.”


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