GOP Gains Steam in Key Race

( – In a sign of what is to come this fall, the nonpartisan Cook Political Report (CPR) updated its view on the North Carolina gubernatorial contest, changing its designation from “lean Democrat” to “toss up.”

This adjustment reflects the GOP candidate’s strong fundraising achievements.

The competition features Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein, both aiming to succeed term-limited Democratic Governor Roy Cooper.

Although the state’s voters have traditionally favored Democrats for governor, current statistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill show that only 34% of the state’s 7.4 million registered voters are Democrats.

CPR initially rated the race as leaning towards the Democrats partly due to the party’s history of success in the state even as it voted for former President Donald Trump.

Although he has made controversial remarks, Robinson’s fundraising prowess has significantly altered the race’s dynamics.

“Robinson is raising actual money — more than $10.5 million so far. And according to both Democrats and Republicans, he’s on track to bring in the most money ever for a Republican gubernatorial nominee,” noted the CPR analysis.

Recent polls reflect a tight race, with CPR’s latest showing both Stein and Robinson at 37% support and 17% undecided.

The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s polling average mirrors this closeness and indicates a near tie between Stein and Robinson.

Responding to the race’s competitiveness, Stein’s campaign manager Jeff Allen stated, “This report reiterated what we’ve known from the very beginning — this race is going to be close.”

On the flip side, a spokesperson for Robinson’s campaign emphasized his appeal across diverse voter groups, saying, “Despite relentless lies and smears by the Democrats, Mark Robinson’s vision and message continues to resonate with North Carolina voters of all backgrounds and walks of life.”

“Far-left career politicians like Joe Biden and Josh Stein have brought open borders, crippling inflation and rampant crime on the rise in many of our major cities,” they added.

Robinson’s campaign concluded, “The voters have had enough and are ready for a bold conservative outsider like Mark Robinson to partner with President Trump and roll back the failed policies and radical agenda of Biden, Stein and the Democrats.”

Robinson is also aiming to make history as the state’s first Black governor, while Stein is looking to become its first Jewish governor.

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