GOP Rep. Erupts: ‘You’re a Piece of Garbage’ (Video)

( – In a new case of intra-Republican bickering, GOP Texas Rep. Troy Nehls has attacked former House Speaker and current Fox News board member Paul Ryan by calling him “a piece of garbage” over Ryan’s remarks about former President Donald Trump.

See the video of Ryan’s comments in the tweet below!

In a formal statement issued to CNN’s Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju, Nehls responded to Ryan’s earlier criticism of Trump during a Fox News interview.

A post on X shared by Raju on Tuesday captured Nehls lambasting Ryan and advocating for his expulsion from the party due to his comments, The Daily Caller reports.

“Paul Ryan you’re a piece of garbage. You’re a piece of garbage and we should kick you out of the party. … Don’t go spouting your mouth off and saying that you’re a conservative. You’re spitting in the face of the leader of our party. I mean grow up a little bit,” Nehls articulated to Raju.

Earlier the same day on Fox News, Ryan had denounced Trump, declaring him “unfit for office” and alleging that the former president prioritized himself over the Constitution.

“I voted for him in 2016, hoping that there was gonna be a different kind of person in office. I do think character is a really important issue if you put yourself above the Constitution, as he had done,” Ryan expressed.

Subsequently, a Fox News host inquired whether the events of January 6th influenced Ryan’s assessment of Trump, to which Ryan acknowledged it was a contributing factor.

“That’s a part of it. I think it’s a contribution of factors, but I think it really is just character at the end of the day and the fact that if you’re willing to put yourself about the Constitution and oath you swear when you take into federal office — whether it’s president or a member of Congress, you swear an oath to the Constitution. And if you’re willing to suborn it to yourself, I think that makes you unfit for office,” Ryan elaborated.

Notably, this was not an isolated instance of Ryan publicly opposing Trump.

In May, the former Speaker informed Yahoo Finance that he would not support Trump in the upcoming November election, opting instead to write in another Republican candidate. Since Nehls issued his statement, Ryan has not yet made a public response.

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