Here Comes the ‘Pineapple Express’

( – A really strong weather system called a “Pineapple Express” is about to hit California big time this week. It’s gonna pour — a lot — especially after California has been super dry for a while.

This Pineapple Express system is pretty wild.

It pulls a ton of wetness from around Hawaii and then just lets it all drop over the U.S. West Coast like it’s dumping a giant bucket of water, says weather expert Colin McCarthy.

He explains, “Pineapple Expresses can be some of the strongest and warmest storms to hit California each winter.”

He even said, “In fact, last winter, over 30 atmospheric rivers hit California, which ended the state’s severe drought and brought record snowfall.”

People in California should get ready for a lot coming their way, like snow in the mountains, big winds, and maybe even flooding that could get serious.

The National Weather Service (NWS) put out some tweets about this huge storm coming from the Pacific that might even reach as far as Idaho.

They shared a map showing that the places near the coast, all the way up north, and almost to Nevada could get the most rain from Wednesday night into Thursday.

These weather events can give California up to half the rain it needs for the whole year, McCarthy said. But the problem is, California’s setup isn’t great at handling all that water.