Hunter’s Next Case ‘Much More Serious’

( – Following the first timе in history that the son of a sitting president has been convicted, Hunter Biden’s next case is about to get worse as it has been dubbed “a much more serious offense.”

This week, a federal grand jury found Hunter guilty on three felony charges related to firearms.

Legal expert Jonathan Turley believes that this verdict could have significant implications for Hunter’s other ongoing legal cases.

Hunter was convicted of lying to a federally licensed firearms dealer, making a false claim on a federal firearms background check form and possessing an illegally obtained firearm. He faces up to 25 years in prison and $750,000 in fines for these crimes.

Turley notes that Hunter’s conviction could complicate his upcoming federal trial in California for alleged tax crimes.

“His counsel has got to refocus on that tax case, they are going into that case now with a convicted felon,” Turley said.

In addition to the tax case, Turley believes that Hunter could be facing a perjury investigation related to his testimony before Congress.

“Congress just referred what I consider to be a very strong case for a perjury investigation of Hunter Biden after his testimony before Congress,” Turley said. “It is hard to see how what he said before Congress was true.”

Turley added that perjury is “a much more serious offense” that  is currently sitting on the desk of Merrick Garland.”

While Turley believes that the chances of Hunter going to jail are relatively low, he does not rule out the possibility entirely.

“The problem with a jury nullification strategy is it can tick off a judge,” Turley said, referring to the defense’s strategy in the firearms case “This was a case of overwhelming evidence, and it seemed pretty clear to everyone that the defense was going for a nullification. That may not sit well with the judge.”

“But even if she imposed jail time, it would be relatively short, the tax case, not so much. That is a much more serious set of allegations where jail time can be more substantial,” Turley concluded.

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