Infamous Slingshot Shooter Captured

( – In a shocking turn of events that rocked a California community, an 81-year-old man has been identified and arrested as the culprit behind a nearly decade-long series of vandalisms involving a slingshot.

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The elderly individual, referred to by authorities as a “serial slingshot shooter,” had instilled fear and frustration among local residents with his unexpected assaults on property, The New York Post reports.

Last Thursday, the Azusa Police Department apprehended Prince King, an octogenarian from Azusa, marking a significant breakthrough in a puzzling case that had previously been attributed to youthful delinquency.

Contrary to earlier beliefs that the vandalism might have been the work of a mischievous teenager, it was discovered that King was the actual perpetrator responsible for numerous acts of property damage over a span of nine to ten years.

King’s alleged offenses included launching ball bearings from a handheld slingshot, resulting in shattered windows and windshields.

Although these attacks came dangerously close to causing personal injury, fortunately, no physical harm to individuals has been reported.

Nonetheless, the financial toll has been considerable, with residents facing hefty expenses to mend the destruction wrought by these relentless assaults.

The arrest occurred in King’s own neighborhood while officers were addressing a “quality of life” concern on the 900 block of North Enid Avenue.

Upon searching King’s residence, police uncovered fresh ball bearings and the slingshot used in the incidents, leading to his immediate detention.

This arrest brought a sense of relief to local law enforcement, who had been diligently working to solve the mystery since the first incidents were reported almost ten years ago.

“It’s been ongoing for many years because we just didn’t identify who the suspect was,” said Azusa police Lieutenant Jake Bushey conveyed the prolonged nature of the investigation to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Further insights provided by Lt. Bushey suggested that King had utilized his backyard as a training ground for his slingshot skills.

However, the motives behind this bizarre and extended campaign of vandalism remain unclear.

“We’re not aware of any kind of motive other than just malicious mischief,” Lt. Bushey elaborated.

Interestingly, the police clarified that King’s targets were deliberately chosen, indicating that the attacks were calculated rather than arbitrary.

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