Israel Gets Bad News From Americans

( – In a regrettable development testifying to the might of leftist propaganda, more than half of Americans are now against Israel’s military crackdown in Gaza on the Islamist terrorist group Hamas, whose October 7 terror attack was a sadistic massacre of over 1,400 people.

Over half of the American electorate now finds itself in opposition to Israeli actions in Gaza, reveals a new Gallup survey.

This survey marks the height of American disapproval since the onset of the conflict between Israel and Hamas five months ago, National Review stresses in a report.

The findings, disclosed on Wednesday, indicate that 55% of Americans are against the military operations conducted by Israel in Gaza, a ten-point increase compared with the preceding poll in the fall.

Meanwhile, support for Israel’s military efforts stands at 36%, with the remaining 9% of respondents undecided.

In November, the approval was notably higher at 50%, with a mere 4% without a stance.

This survey underscores a pivotal transformation in the American perspective regarding this strife as Israel gears up for a potential ground incursion into Rafah, a city in southern Gaza.

The global community, inclusive of the United States, has implored Israel to retract its invasion plans of Rafah, home to over 1.5 million displaced Palestinians amidst ongoing hostilities.

The recent data suggests a universal decline in support from all major American political factions compared to last November, with Democrats witnessing a steep decline from 36% to 18%.

Independents also showed a notable decrease from 47% to 29%, while Republican backing, although still the highest, diminished from 71% to 64%.

Moreover, the survey reveals that 74% of Americans are keeping a close watch on the developments of the Israel-Hamas conflict, with 34% monitoring the situation very closely.

Yet, Gallup notes, the level of engagement with news on the conflict does not significantly influence the prevailing disapproval of Israel’s military actions.

“However, those paying less attention are more likely than their counterparts to have no opinion on the matter, resulting in lower approval than seen among people paying greater attention,” added the pollster.

Other surveys reflect similar sentiments. The Pew Research Center earlier this month found that 50% of Americans advocate for humanitarian rather than military support to Palestinians in Gaza.

Furthermore, an AP/NORC poll from February highlighted that half of the respondents feel Israel’s military reaction to the events of October 7 was excessively aggressive.

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