Jan. 6 Investigation Bombshell

United States Capitol - January 6, 2021

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – Republicans on the United States House of Representatives Oversight Subcommittee for House Administration, led by Chairman Barry Loudermilk of Georgia, have taken a significant step as part of their investigation into the events of January 6, 2021.

They’ve sent a letter to Cassidy Hutchinson, a pivotal witness in the January 6 Committee, demanding she preserve and produce all relevant records and materials.

This request, exclusively revealed by The Daily Caller, highlights a significant moment in the ongoing inquiry into the events of January 6.

Loudermilk’s letter, focused on ensuring comprehensive documentation, seeks all materials Hutchinson possesses that could shed light on her varying accounts regarding January 6 and the Select Committee’s investigation.

This request follows Hutchinson’s controversial testimony on June 28, 2022, where she claimed former President Trump tried to seize control of a vehicle from Secret Service agents – a statement notably absent from her previous interviews.

The letter underscores discrepancies in Hutchinson’s testimonies, pointing out her failure to mention the alleged altercation in earlier interviews.

Loudermilk also notes her coordination with Alyssa Farah Griffin for an interview on May 17, conducted without her attorney’s knowledge, where she again omitted these details.

Loudermilk’s directive for Hutchinson to preserve and produce a wide array of documents and communications, including electronic information and metadata, is comprehensive. He emphasizes the need to safeguard against any destruction, alteration, or mishandling of these records, underscoring the gravity of the inquiry.

Before issuing the letter, Loudermilk expressed his concerns to The Daily Caller. He finds Hutchinson’s sudden changes in testimony deeply troubling, casting doubts on her credibility. He indicated a readiness to issue a subpoena if Hutchinson fails to comply with the request for unredacted documents.

Hutchinson, who gained attention after her dramatic testimony before the January 6 committee, alleged that Trump attempted to redirect his vehicle to the Capitol amid the protests. However, sources close to the Secret Service have refuted her claims. Additionally, a text message obtained by The Daily Caller reveals Hutchinson’s dismissive attitude towards the January 6 committee, further questioning her reliability.

Loudermilk has set a deadline of January 26, 2024, for Hutchinson to provide the requested documents.