Kamala: ‘I Am Scared As Heck’

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – During a recent episode of ABC’s “The View,” Vice President Kamala Harris openly expressed her concerns and fears about the very realistic possibility of her and her partner, Joe Biden, not returning to office and instead having their biggest nightmare come true — saying, “I am scared as heck.”

Specifically, Harris is afraid of Donald Trump returning to the Oval Office, conveying a sense of urgency and alarm shared by many in the Democratic Party.

Host Joy Behar set the stage by referencing the apprehensions of Democratic Party luminaries regarding the Biden campaign’s approach towards Trump. Behar cited figures like President Obama, Representative Jim Clyburn, and Michelle Obama, all voicing concerns about breaking through the steadfast MAGA support and the overall campaign strategy.

Addressing Behar’s direct question about the fear of a Trump comeback and the strategy to counter the “crazies,” Harris acknowledged her own trepidation.

She quoted a well-known political maxim, highlighting the seriousness with which they are approaching the campaign: running either unopposed or scared. This admission from Harris was not just a reflection of her personal sentiment but also a candid acknowledgment of the high stakes and challenges the Biden administration faces in the upcoming election.

Harris elaborated on her stance, emphasizing action over fear. She compared the political fight to a parental instinct to protect and act for the future of their children, rather than succumbing to fear. This analogy served to underscore her message of resilience and determination in the face of challenges.

Reiterating the need for the Biden administration to actively engage with voters, Harris highlighted their commitment to earning re-election. This proactive approach, according to her, is essential to maintain the momentum and address the critical issues at hand.

Co-host Sara Haines shifted the conversation to the campaign’s focus, suggesting that while the Biden team prioritizes “saving democracy,” everyday Americans are more concerned with immediate, personal issues.

Harris countered this by linking the fight for democracy with these everyday concerns, particularly stressing the impact of losing abortion rights on Americans’ quality of life and fundamental freedoms.

Harris’s appearance and statements on “The View” shed light on the Democratic Party’s strategic thinking and the balancing act it must perform. In their minds, it’s not just about upholding democratic values; it’s also about ensuring that these high principles translate into addressing the tangible, day-to-day concerns of the American people.