Lawsuit Defends Use of ‘Illegal Aliens’ Term

( – Stepping in for a student suspended for asking a simple question, the Liberty Justice Center (LJC) recently started legal proceedings against the Davidson County Board of Education.

16-year-old student Christian McGhee was suspended for using the term “illegal aliens” during a class discussion.

In a public declaration, the LJC accused the North Carolina school board of violating McGhee’s freedoms of speech, education and procedural fairness.

The legal challenge argues that McGhee’s suspension lacked valid grounds under the First Amendment’s protections.

The legal team is also advocating to get the incident erased from McGhee academic record.

“Even though Christian asked a factual, non-threatening question—about a word the class was discussing—the school board branded him with false accusations of racism,” said Liberty Justice Center Senior Counsel Buck Dougherty.

“The school has not only violated his constitutional right to free speech, but also his right to due process and his right to access education, a guaranteed right under North Carolina law,” he added.

The incident happened in early April at Central Davidson High School in Lexington, North Carolina.

During an English class vocabulary exercise, McGhee asked if the teacher’s mention of “aliens” referred to extraterrestrial beings or “illegal aliens who need green cards?”

This question supposedly offended another student who said he wanted to confront McGhee, which caused the assistant principal to get involved.

School officials later tagged the term as offensive and disrespectful towards Hispanic students.

In a discussion with Louder with Crowder, McGhee’s mother, Leah, suggested that the assistant principal might have been the one to use the racism card. She noted that the allegedly offended student later claimed he was “joking.”

“I didn’t make a statement directed towards anyone; I asked a question,” McGhee explained. “I wasn’t speaking of Hispanics because everyone from other countries needs green cards, and the term ‘illegal alien’ is an actual term that I hear on the news and can find in the dictionary.”

LJC leading attorney Dean McGee said that after extensive conversations with McGhee and his mother, the organization is convinced the school favored a narrative against the teen over his peers.

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