Merrick Garland Gets Bad News

( – For refusing to comply, Attorney General Merrick Garland just received bad news as the House Judiciary Committee has taken steps toward holding him in contempt of Congress.

This new development comes just hours after the White House prevented the release of Joe Biden’s audio recordings from an interview with Special Counsel Robert Hur.

The interview was part of an investigation into Biden’s mishandling of classified documents.

In a resolute move, the Committee pushed forward with its resolution while a similar move was planned by the House Oversight Committee.

The controversy stems from the White House’s claims that Republicans are seeking the audio recordings to misuse them politically.

White House counsel Ed Siskel criticized the request as a ploy for political manipulation, stating in a letter to the House Republicans, “The absence of a legitimate need for the audio recordings lays bare your likely goal — to chop them up, distort them, and use them for partisan political purposes.”

Garland supported the notion of executive privilege and asserted that presidential counsel confidentiality was important. He argued that releasing such sensitive material could hinder the openness of future high-profile investigations.

“This request, this effort to use contempt as a method of obtaining our sensitive law enforcement files is just the most recent,” Garland commented,

Assistant Attorney General Carlos Uriarte also highlighted the potential conflicts that pursuing contempt charges against those who assert executive privilege might bring. He  restated that such an official “cannot be held in contempt of Congress.”

This legislative action happens during a heated electoral environment, where the handling of Biden’s interview details has already stirred considerable controversy.

House Republicans, led by Speaker Mike Johnson, accuse Biden of using executive privilege to hide potentially damaging content from voters, particularly comments made by Hur describing Biden as an “elderly man with a poor memory.”

As the proceedings unfold, House Democrats are gearing up to counter the Republican narrative, pointing to the extensive documentation and testimony already provided to the investigation.

Hur’s investigation had previously determined that while some documents were retained by mistake, others might involve willful retention, which further complicates the political landscape as the Biden administration navigates these accusations.

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