New BLM Scandal

( – After months of alarming allegations revealing the organization’s true nature, a new scandal shows that a large amount of money from a Black Lives Matter-related political action committee (PAC) was diverted to a personal account.

Records from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) unveiled that Black Lives Matter PAC paid $90,000 in 2023 to Bowers Consulting Firm for “strategic consulting services.” Interestingly, PAC treasurer Shalomyah Bowers also happens to be the president of said consulting firm.

A regulation outlined by the FEC states Super PAC treasurers like Bowers are given the authority to green-light expenditures for their committees. Bowers Consulting Firm ended up receiving about 61% of Black Lives Matter PAC’s spending totaling $146,679 in 2023. The remainder was allocated to administrative costs and a minor portion was directed towards advertising efforts.

Although the Black Lives Matter PAC publicly claimed that contributions were aimed at supporting progressive candidates advocating for Black liberation, the PAC’s 2023 financial activities reveal it reported zero spending on direct political contributions, transfers to other committees or independent expenditures for or against political candidates.

Black Lives Matter PAC defended its strategy and emphasized its focus on long-term planning and digital outreach over immediate political contributions. After a considerable outlay to Bowers Consulting Firm, the PAC concluded the year with a mere $3,575 in cash reserves.

Critics including Caitlin Sutherland from Americans for Public Trust voiced concerns over the PAC’s financial decisions by labeling it a “scam PAC” due to its substantial payments to the treasurer’s firm without direct political engagement.

In response Bowers Consulting Firm underscored its role in the PAC’s operations from managing communication campaigns to strategic planning and asserted that its compensation is aligned with market rates.

The financial relationship between Black Lives Matter PAC and Bowers Consulting Firm is not new since the PAC paid the firm $135,600 between 2021 and 2022.

Moreover Bowers’ consultancy received over $2 million from Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation between July 2020 and June when Bowers served as the nonprofit’s principal officer.