NY Times Attacks Justice Alito?!

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In new evidence that leftist propaganda is starting to lose sanity, The New York Times has attacked conservative US Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, who was behind the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, for flying a Revolutionary Era flag over his beach house.

The Times highlighted in a report that an “Appeal to Heaven” flag was displayed at Justice Alito’s beach house last summer, The Daily Wire reports.

This flag, which bears a pine tree emblem, has historical roots as it was originally utilized by a group of frigates commissioned by George Washington during the Revolutionary War.

The newspaper emphasized that this flag was also visible among rioters at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and noted its current associations with former President Donald J. Trump.

It symbolizes the religious faction of the ‘Stop the Steal’ campaign and supports transforming the American government to reflect Christian values.

Historically, prior to the Revolutionary War, England exploited the white pine trees of New England for ship masts.

King George III and the British Parliament imposed restrictions on the colonists, prohibiting them from felling white pine trees with a diameter of 12 inches or more.

In 1771, these tensions led to the arrest of Ebenezer Mudgett, owner of the Weare mill, by British-directed local law enforcement, sparking the Pine Tree Riot—a precursor to the Boston Tea Party.

The Times cited concerns from “several ethics experts” who found the display of the flag at Justice Alito’s home “troubling.”

They argue it links him more directly to symbols associated with the attempts to subvert the election on January 6, and noted it coincided with the initiation of the obstruction case in the court.

“Judges are not supposed to give any impression of bias, yet the flag could be seen as telegraphing the Alitos’ views,” the newspaper opined, and quoted an Indiana University law professor who found it “deeply disturbing.”

Furthermore, the Times reported that an upside-down American flag was flown outside Alito’s Virginia home in 2021, followed by a series of critical letters in a column titled, “Justice Alito’s Blame-the-Wife Defense.”

Fox News covered Justice Alito’s account of the events, where he recounted the tensions with a neighbor who displayed a vulgar anti-Trump sign near a children’s bus stop.

According to Alito, following a conversation his wife had with these neighbors that was not well received, they erected another sign directly attacking his wife and attributing to her the events of January 6.

During this period, a derogatory insult was hurled at his wife by someone at the property, which led her to briefly fly the flag in an inverted position.

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