Obama’s Brain Slams Biden (Video)

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In a clear sign of a deep rift within the Democratic Party, the brain behind Barack Obama’s campaign slammed Joe Biden while emphasizing the importance of authentic political leadership.

Watch the video below.

During a recent CNN appearance, David Axelrod compared Biden’s style negatively with former President Donald Trump’s, noting that Trump’s “authenticity” resonates more with voters.

According to RealClearPolling, Trump has a slight lead over Biden in a national matchup and this gap increases when third-party candidates are included.

Axelrod highlighted, “Authenticity is the coin of the realm in presidential politics” on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper.

He pointed out that Trump’s directness is seen as a strength, “One of the reasons I think Trump has gotten as far as Trump has gotten is nobody ever says, ‘Gee, I wish Donald Trump would speak his mind.’ If you look at history, the more authentic candidate tends to win.”

He blasted Biden for sometimes using what he described as “the language of Washington,” which might alienate some voters.

Axelrod referenced a recent segment on Comedy Central where Biden’s style was mocked and suggested that Biden could benefit from a more relatable approach.

“Joe Biden has his own… authenticity, but sometimes he speaks in the language of Washington sometimes and a lot of people speak in the language that Charlamagne was mocking in that piece on Comedy Central,” Axelrod noted.

He further deliberated about Biden’s potential to connect better, “I do think, listen, there are times when I wonder why Joe Biden, who is from Scranton and has that Scranton chip on his shoulder.”

“Why he doesn’t just say acting like a jackass isn’t strong, that’s not strength, let’s not mistake the two. I mean, he should say stuff like that because that people will understand,” he elaborated.

Former Bill Clinton’s pollster Doug Schoen also slammed Biden’s policies on Fox News, calling them “tone deaf” to Americans’ pressing concerns about inflation and the economy.

Schoen’s criticism is backed by polling data showing Biden’s approval ratings on economic issues are relatively low.

CNN host Jake Tapper remarked on Biden’s demeanor, particularly in interactions with journalists, to which Axelrod responded that Biden’s assertiveness is often misplaced.

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