Pro-Palestinian Protests Escalate On Biden’s Doorstep

( – Pro-Palestinian protestors descended upon President Biden’s Delaware residence, demanding a cease-fire and expressing discontent with the administration’s stance on the Israel-Gaza conflict. The demonstration, organized by the Delaware chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, featured chants accusing Biden of genocide, showcasing the deepening divide within the Democratic Party on matters related to Israel.

Despite President Biden’s strong backing of Israel’s right to defend its citizens from terror, protesters criticized the lack of support for an immediate cease-fire. The White House’s call for a temporary “pause” in the conflict drew further ire, with critics denouncing it as insufficient. The administration’s attempt to secure humanitarian aid access and civilian evacuations in Gaza faced opposition from the protesting crowds.

The march to Biden’s residence, led by State Representative Madinah Wilson-Anton, underscored the intensifying ideological clashes within the Democratic Party. Wilson-Anton presented demands for a cease-fire, an end to military aid to Israel, and an end to the Gaza siege and occupation. The protesters symbolically laid white flowers, representing Palestinian children killed in the conflict, at the doorstep of the President’s home.

The event featured a diverse array of speakers, including local Palestinians, social justice leaders, and medical professionals offering perspectives on the crisis in Gaza. Dr. Afnan Albahri, a Delaware-based pediatrician, shared her experiences of witnessing the humanitarian crisis and highlighted the challenges faced by medical practitioners in Gaza.

Notably, the protest also witnessed significant Jewish representation challenging the perceived alignment of Judaism with the State of Israel. Hope Moser, former President of Hillel at the University of Delaware, expressed the need to separate Judaism from political affiliations. Moser criticized the actions of Israel and emphasized her commitment to justice and peace, presenting an alternative perspective within the Jewish community.

Wilmington native Sarah Jones, a vocal advocate for the Black struggle for liberation, underscored the interconnectedness of the Palestinian and Black struggles. Jones emphasized the importance of Delawareans using their unique access to politicians to voice concerns over the ongoing conflict.

State Representative Wilson-Anton highlighted the overwhelming response from Delawareans, flooding Congressional Delegation phones with calls for a cease-fire and an end to perceived genocidal actions.

The protest, supported by various local and regional organizations, reflects the growing internal strife within the Democratic Party on matters of foreign policy, exposing divisions that may impact the party’s unity and effectiveness in the future.