Putin Agrees With Trump

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who has started Europe’s biggest war since World War II by attacking a pro-Western Ukraine, has made it clear that he agreed with Donald Trump that America’s judicial system is plagued by politically motivated trials against the former US president.

Putin claimed on Wednesday that the identity of the next US president was of no consequence to Russia, as he believed it would unlikely alter Moscow’s situation, Reuters reports, as cited by Newsmax.

However, he highlighted what he perceived as the politicization of the US judicial system against Donald Trump, saying, “Basically, we don’t care (who wins).”

Putin’s aggressive action in Ukraine in 2022, which he has portrayed as a defensive response to the existence of the US-led NATO alliance, has drastically deteriorated relations between Moscow and Washington, marking a low unseen since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

At an economic forum in St. Petersburg, addressing international media editors, Putin criticized the Biden administration—which he noted as the principal provider of military support to Ukraine—for its continuous errors.

These missteps, he asserted, were eroding the integrity of both the U.S. political framework and its global leadership.

“For us, we do not think the end result holds much significance. We will work with any president the American people elect,” Putin elaborated when probed on his views regarding the upcoming U.S. election’s impact on Russian interests.

Describing Joe Biden as a predictable politician of the old guard, Putin assured that Russia would abstain from intervening in U.S. internal affairs, despite previous allegations by U.S. intelligence of such interference.

Reflecting on Trump’s prior term, Putin acknowledged its detrimental effect on U.S.-Russia relations. He expressed uncertainty over any potential improvements in these relations if Trump were re-elected, citing specific grievances such as Trump’s implementation of significant sanctions against Russia and his decision to exit a crucial arms control treaty.

“To say – I am speaking quite sincerely – that we believe that after the elections something will change towards Russia in American policy, I would not say so. We don’t think so. We think that nothing really serious will happen,” Putin stated.

Putin concluded by clearly stating that the U.S. judicial system was being manipulated by Trump’s political adversaries in an attempt to sabotage his chance of electoral success—a tactic Putin regarded as ineffective.

“They are burning themselves from the inside, their state, their political system … It is obvious all over the world that the prosecution of Trump, especially in court on charges that were formed on the basis of events that happened years ago, without direct proof, is simply using the judicial system in an internal political struggle,” Putin criticized.

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