RFK Jr Defends VP Choice

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – Feeling a storm brewing over his ticket partner’s clear political inexperience, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. defended his vice-presidential choice, Nicole Shanahan, as he stepped further outside traditional political lines for his presidential bid.

In his appearance on NewsNation’s “Cuomo,” Kennedy underscored the urgent need for out-of-the-box minds free from governmental traditions to tackle America’s pressing issues.

During the interview, Kennedy praised Shanahan, saying, “I would say a couple things, Chris. One is that, I’m guessing she probably has a higher IQ than almost anybody who I’ve seen in public life today. She’s an expert on AI – which we need in the government right now.”

Kennedy remarked on the chronic disease epidemic, an issue he says is critical for national defense due to its staggering costs. “We’re paying more now, Chris, for diabetes than for our defense budget. So when I was a kid, a typical pediatrician would see one case of juvenile diabetes in his lifetime.”

“Today one out of every three kids who walks into his office has juvenile diabetes, and nobody is talking about it. It is causing us 4.3 trillion a year – three times our defense budget,” he explained.

He also discussed a vision that strays from conventional political wisdom by advocating for fresh perspectives over seasoned insiders who contributed to the current crises, including the alarming rise in national debt.

He criticized the status quo maintained by former President Donald Trump and Joe Biden and pointed to their contributions to the national debt as evidence of the systemic failure to address core problems.

Kennedy said, “President Biden and President Trump during their short times in office – single term each together – drove up a larger debt than every president since George Washington combined, and Congress let them do it.”

Highlighting the fiscal paths under Trump and Biden, Kennedy detailed the substantial increases in the federal debt, suggesting that taking a different route from traditional strategies is the right move.

After Trump took office in 2017, the national debt sat at almost $20 trillion and totaled around $23.5 trillion in 1,142 days. However, Biden grew the debt to a staggering $34 trillion in the same time frame.

While met with mixed reactions, Kennedy’s choice of Shanahan embodies his commitment to breaking the mold. Shanahan’s contributions and her professional background present a unique blend of experience that Kennedy values in his quest for change.

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