RFK Jr. Shocks Political ‘Experts’

In a surprising turn of events in the 2024 presidential race, independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is emerging as a formidable contender, securing 22% of the votes in a hypothetical match-up involving Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, according to the latest Quinnipiac poll.

This three-way scenario reveals Biden in the lead with 39%, closely followed by Trump at 36%. Kennedy’s campaign is gaining attention from independent voters, who prefer him over the traditional party frontrunners, giving him 36% of their support. Trump trails at 31%, while Biden stands at 30% in this particular situation.

In a four-way contest that includes progressive activist Cornel West, the race becomes tighter between Biden and Trump, with each receiving 36% and 35% respectively. Kennedy maintains a strong showing with 19%, and West enters the competition with 6%. This highlights Kennedy’s broad appeal across different demographics, reminiscent of the charisma his father and uncles possessed in earlier times, as noted by Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst Tim Malloy.

Kennedy, the son of the late U.S. Attorney General and presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy, expressed his aspiration to “rewrite the assumptions and change the habits of American politics” in an interview with Newsmax Magazine.

In a head-to-head matchup, the polling data suggests a near tie between Biden and Trump, with both candidates enjoying almost equal support among independent voters. Biden’s slight lead aligns with previous months’ surveys, indicating a fiercely competitive and relatively stable political landscape.

Biden’s approval ratings, particularly concerning the southern border crisis and gun violence, reflect significant public disapproval, which could potentially motivate a more engaged electorate. The latest findings reveal that 48% of voters feel more motivated to vote in the upcoming election compared to previous cycles, including a substantial 58% of Republicans.

The Quinnipiac poll, which surveyed 1,772 adults with a margin of error of +/- 2.3 percentage points, is consistent with another survey of 1,610 self-identified registered voters with a similar margin of error.

The Republican National Committee did not hold back in criticizing Kennedy’s decision to run as an independent candidate after leaving the Democratic Party. RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel went as far as to call him an “elitist liberal,” insinuating that his progressive views clash with the idea of being an independent candidate, especially since he endorsed Hillary Clinton and supported the Green New Deal.

Kennedy made it clear during his speech at Independence Mall in Philadelphia that he wants to distance himself from any political party. He spoke about the growing dissatisfaction in the country and his desire to make a “new declaration of independence” from corporations, the media, and the two major political parties.

Despite the criticism from the Republican National Committee, Kennedy’s decision to run as an independent candidate has garnered support from a diverse group of individuals. At Independence Mall, hundreds of supporters held signs that read “Declare your independence” and chanted “RFK, all the way!” These supporters include disillusioned Democrats, Trump voters seeking change, and political outsiders who feel their ideas don’t align with any specific party. They believe Kennedy has the potential to unite them.