Right/Left Both Doing THIS!?

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – As the specter of the 2024 presidential election looms, a surprising trend is gripping Americans across the political spectrum: doomsday prepping.

Once associated with libertarian extremists, this practice has transcended political boundaries, reflecting growing concerns about the potential for civil unrest in the upcoming election.

A Monday USA Today report reveals that prepping has become a bipartisan activity, with individuals from both the left and right expressing fears about the future. On the left, concerns revolve around the possibility of former President Donald Trump declaring himself dictator, leading to an authoritarian regime. Meanwhile, on the right, there’s a general unease and fear of societal breakdown, fueled by incidents like smash-and-grab robberies, riots, and protests.

One notable figure in this growing movement is Brekke Wagoner, a 39-year-old from North Carolina, who runs a YouTube channel advising younger, more liberal individuals on preparing for catastrophic events. Wagoner is particularly concerned about a potential re-election of Trump, fearing his administration’s response to natural disasters intensified by climate change.

Wagoner emphasizes the importance of preparation, citing the intensification of natural storm seasons as a primary concern. She advocates for a community-centric approach, with a 90-day supply of food stocked up for her family to avoid becoming a burden on emergency resources.

However, not all preppers are motivated by altruism. Retired US Air Force Col. Drew Miller operates seven “Fortitude Ranch” compounds across the country, catering to members who pay at least $1,200 a year. These compounds, equipped with ample supplies, serve as a refuge in case of war, nuclear blasts, or civil unrest. Miller’s approach involves financial capitalization on urban fatalities, similar to historical events like the Black Death pandemic in the 1300s.

The rise in prepping activities has surged in the past year, with younger generations outpacing Baby Boomers and Gen Xers in preparing for doomsday scenarios. This trend has become an $11 billion annual business in the US. Concerns about the state of the world are evident, with a USA Today/Suffolk University Poll showing that over two-thirds of Americans believe the world is facing significant problems.

Anthropologist Prof. Chad Huddleston attributes the surge in prepping to an increased loss of trust in the government, especially among younger and more liberal individuals. Fears range from Trump potentially instituting a New World Order to general concerns about worsening conditions, prompting a belief in self-reliance.

While traditional preppers were often associated with the right, there is now a noticeable increase in militancy on the left. Younger liberals, shocked by events like the pandemic and police brutality protests, are buying guns and engaging in prepping activities. The USA Today report suggests an unfortunate arms race that may escalate as the election approaches, especially if it involves Trump vs. Biden.

In this landscape of uncertainty, Americans are preparing for a range of scenarios, from power outages to potential societal breakdowns. The motivations behind this trend are diverse, reflecting a mix of political, social, and environmental concerns. Whether motivated by fear or a desire for community survival, the rise in doomsday prepping paints a vivid picture of a nation on edge as it faces an uncertain future.