Romney Shocks Trump

( – In a bizarre move, US Senator Mitt Romney, known as an anti-Trump Republican, has made surprising comments that President Joe Biden should have granted a full pardon to Donald Trump regarding all federal criminal charges as soon as they were made public.

“Had I been President Biden when the justice department brought out indictments, I would have immediately pardoned him. I’d have pardoned President Trump,” Romney stated in an interview with MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle.”

“Why? Well, because it makes me, President Biden, the big guy and the person I pardoned the little guy. And, number two, it’s not going to get resolved before the election. It’s not going to have an impact before the election. And, frankly, the country doesn’t want to have to go through prosecuting a former president,” he elaborated.

Despite facing 88 criminal charges, including 44 at the federal level related to election subversion and mishandling classified information, Trump remains the likely Republican presidential nominee.

The cases have not yet proceeded to trial. The remaining charges, which are state-level, include matters such as hush-money payments and other instances of alleged election subversion, The Guardian notes in a report.

Additionally, Trump has faced substantial financial penalties in civil suits concerning his business practices and a defamation case linked to a sexual assault allegation that a judge deemed “substantially true”.

Romney, who historically stood alone among Republicans by voting to convict Trump in both of his Senate impeachment trials, remarked on Trump’s previous actions.

“I think the American people have recognised that President Trump did have an inappropriate affair with someone who was a porn star. I think they realise that. I think they realise he took classified documents he shouldn’t have and didn’t handle them properly. I think they understand that as well. I think they realise he’s been lying about the election [and supposed voter fraud] in 2020. They know those things. [But] these things are not changing the public attitude,” he explained.

Despite various controversies, polling indicates Trump is ahead in key battleground states.

Reflecting on America’s political history, Romney compared his own 2012 presidential loss to Barack Obama and his decision to not support Trump in the subsequent elections, opting instead to write in his wife, Ann Romney.

Romney, who once considered a role in Trump’s cabinet, shared his admiration for Biden, whom he considers capable despite concerns about Biden’s age. However, he remained noncommittal about his voting plans.

“I’m not announcing that here and now. I’m not going to be voting for President Trump. I made that clear. I know, for some people, the character is not the number one issue. It is for me. When someone has been, well, determined by a jury to have committed sexual assault, that’s not someone who I want my kids and grandkids to see as president of the United States.”

He concluded by critiquing Biden’s handling of economic and border security issues, while questioning Trump’s ability to unify the country if reelected.

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