‘Serial Wedding Crasher’ Did WHAT?!

(5MinNewsBreak.com) – In a bizarre outcome that sounds like something out of a movie, a woman known as a “serial wedding crasher” has admitted to stealing from two weddings in north Alabama. This revelation came to light during a plea hearing on Thursday, where Sandra Henson faced Judge Ben Graves.

Henson pleaded guilty to both charges against her: one count of third-degree Theft of Property and one count of fourth-degree Theft of Property. These charges stem from her actions in Lauderdale County, where she was accused of stealing cash and gift cards from two wedding receptions she was not invited to.

The case took an emotional turn when one of Henson’s victims, Anna Perez Todd, was given the opportunity to present a victim impact statement. Todd accused Henson of meticulously planning her thefts, revealing that she had compiled a list of at least 12 weddings Henson had crashed.

Adding to the gravity of the situation, Todd disclosed that the money stolen from her wedding was intended to be donated to fund research for a cure for FOXG1 Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder affecting Todd’s daughter.

Todd’s impact statement ended with a resolute message to Henson: “For this, I will never forgive you.”

The severity of Henson’s actions was compounded by her health issues, as her attorney argued against a prison sentence, citing her three heart attacks, a stroke, and failing kidneys, which required thrice-weekly dialysis treatment. They argued that the cost of her medical care would be too burdensome for the State of Alabama.

Despite her tearful apology, Judge Graves highlighted the premeditated nature of Henson’s crimes, sentencing her to 31 months with the Alabama Department of Corrections, along with restitution and court fines.

However, Henson will not serve the majority of this time in prison, as she was ordered to spend only two weekends in jail — one for each wedding crashed.