She’s Been Cut Off

( – Marking a huge loss for her longshot campaign in the Republican presidential primaries, Nikki Haley has been cut off by a major player backing her efforts.

It has been revealed in a memo on the group’s website that the Koch family-led organization, Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Action, decided to halt financial support for the former Republican Governor of South Carolina.

Funded by billionaire Charles Koch, who is ranked as the world’s 25th wealthiest individual with a fortune of $55 billion by Forbes, AFP Action started funding Haley’s campaign on November 28. However, the group declared it would stop supporting her bid for office following her defeat in South Carolina’s Republican primary.

In the memo, AFP Action restated its support for Haley but recognized the limitations of its influence in upcoming primaries. “AFP Action stands firm behind our endorsement for Nikki Haley,” it stated and acknowledged the slim chances of making a significant impact on her path to victory in future primaries.

Instead the organization decided to redirect its resources toward Congressional races to prevent a Democratic government trifecta advancing a progressive agenda and refrained from endorsing former President Donald Trump for the Republican ticket.

AFP Action emphasized that recent electoral outcomes and ongoing criminal trials have had a direct impact on voter trends against Trump and the Republican party’s image. The memo also highlighted AFP Action’s plans to engage in over 100 House races and to endorse candidates in Ohio and Michigan.

Reacting to the announcement, Haley’s campaign spokesperson Olivia Perez-Cubas appreciated AFP Action’s past support and underscored the campaign’s ongoing efforts. “AFP is a great organization and ally in the fight for freedom and conservative government. We thank them for their tremendous help in this race,” she said.

Despite the setback, Perez-Cubas mentioned grassroots support has increased, which signals the campaign’s determination to continue. “Our fight continues, and with more than $1 million coming in from grassroots conservatives in just the last 24 hours, we have plenty of fuel to keep going. We have a country to save.”